Digital Creative Director Resume

Digital creative director profile is suitable for those candidates who seek challenges at work and are keen on exploring their creative skills. We have presented here a digital creative director resume to help the job seekers get acquainted with this profile and draft a resume that will suit the requirements of this post.

Digital art refers to the art of using digital technology for using creative artwork. It refers to using cameras, software, tools and other advanced instruments that help to create or capture beautiful artwork. The digital creative director leads the team of artists who create designs and presentations with the help of digital technology. The director receives projects from clients who provide specifications for what they expect. These specifications create the outline for creating artwork. The team of artists, designers, animators, etc., works towards giving an image to an idea. Directors work for animation studios, advertisement agencies, visuals producers, art directors, etc. The director scrutinizes the work from an artistic and a technical point of view. He plays a crucial role in planning and designing stage when an image is storyboarded. Further, he guides the designers to choose the right format, shapes and colors to give the idea a distinct identity.

Sample Digital Creative Director Resume

Stella Rosewood

Address: 16 East, Kelvin Street,
Philadelphia, PA 55874
Contact Details: 366 - 784 - 4598
Email Id:

Career Aim

To work as a digital creative director and utilize my creative skills, imaginative abilities and storytelling aptitude to create artwork suitable to the client's demands. To train the juniors and resolve their queries with regards to using digital technology for creative work.

Summary of Skills

Work Experience

Designation: Digital Creative Director (July 2010 - till date)
Organization: Versatile Advertisers Inc.
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Designation: Digital Creative Manager (August 2008 - June 2010)
Organization: Maple Creative Studios
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Designation: Digital Creative Executive (October 2006 - July 2008)
Organization: Periwinkle Art Designers,
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Educational Qualifications

Personal Details

Name: Stella Rosewood
Gender: Female
Birthdate: November 11th 1986
Marital Status: Married
Personal Interests: Reading, Calligraphy
Current to Travel: Yes


Name: Adam Robertson
Professional Details: Managing Director
: Versatile Advertisers Inc., Philadelphia
Contact Details: 366 - 741 - 2630

Writing a resume is not a difficult task as long as the candidates follow the common resume writing tips. It includes making sections, using professional language, following reverse chronology order, and highlighting work experiences. Here is a digital creative director resume that has been crafted by following all these rules. We hope this sample serves as a guide for all job seekers.

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