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To offer a right kind of foundation to children for their future growth, it is necessary to start from the early stage of education. If children get to learn subjects and acquire skills that will help them progress in life, they can surely contribute towards the society's welfare. Therefore, it is important to think and decide what is to be taught to them. To handle this responsibility, there is no better people than the education directors. These directors collaborate with teachers and provide progressive learning experience for students.

Employment for the education director position is available with public and private schools. There are also some private businesses, daycare, and museums that requires expertise of these professionals. Businesses may need them to train new and tenured employees, and create training materials for the company. The day care and museums will have them to develop educational programs for children.

Resume Example

Robert C. Watts
3840 Plainfield Avenue
Macomb, NY 13646
Phone: 315-578-8165

Job Objective:
An education director position with a public school district where my skills in researching and evaluating curriculum and teaching procedures can be used in strengthening the education system.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Education Director
Blossom High School, Macomb, NY
2012 - present

Education Director
Jesus Children's Academy, Macomb, NY
2009 - 2012

Master's Degree in Education Administration
XYZ University, Macomb, NY

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
XYZ university, Macomb, NY

Available upon request.

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