Plant Operations Director Resume

A plant operations director is an authoritative person who controls the routine operations in the plant. He directs and supervises the staff activities and oversees the production process in the plant. He is responsible for maintaining consistency in the quality and quantity of production and for the safety of the staff as well. He has to streamline the operations and increase the profits of the plant. The plant operations director is in-charge of defining production targets and budgets for the plant.

If you want to draft a perfect resume for this job, you need to have a thorough understanding of the job requirements. A resume provides you enough space to define your career objective and overall qualifications for this job. Additionally, you can provide the names and contact details of references in the resume. Although it is not mandatory, it definitely gives an authentic appeal to your resume.

A sample resume for the job profile has been provided to explain resume writing in detail.

Sample Resume

Daniel G. Rothman
3108 Downhill Avenue
Austin, Texas 26810

Career Objective:
Being an experienced professional, I look forward to work as the operations director in a manufacturing plant and use my knowledge and expertise to bring efficiency in the plant operations.

Summary of Skills:

Details of Work Experience:

Plant Operations Manager at Rocca Industries
Employed Since June 2012

Plant Operations Manager at Celtex Industries
Employed from December 2009 to May 2012

Educational Qualifications and Certifications:
Master's Degree in Operations Management
South Texas Technical University

Bachelor's Degree in Operations Management
University: South Texas Technical University

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