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Planning and taking decisions at the correct time are important in order to see business thrive. Having the skills to think ahead and implement things in right direction are not something you can pick up instantly. To become capable, a person has to work for years and learn things through experience. Directors are those qualified and experienced people who can supervise, control and manage projects efficiently. Director is a title used in different types of industries. This position may also have similar job responsibilities if it is related to a film, theater, arts, or advertising. Despite this, a director resume must not be similar to others. To make it clear, we are presenting an art director resume sample here.

Resume Sample

Casey D. Berry
2133 Hilltop Drive
Amarillo, TX 79101
Phone: 806-345-9089

Executive Summary:
A highly creative, energetic, customer-focused professional with over five years of progressive experience in the advertising field. Proficiency in conducting budget-oriented marketing and promotional campaign. Expert in understanding and delivering business concepts in flashy and never-forgettable manner. A proven track record of creating brands for retail, automobile, IT, real estate, and banking products. Adept in planning and executing aggressive strategies to achieve sales goals.

Core Strengths:

Career Achievements:

Work Experience:

Art Director
Flamboyance Art Studio, Amarillo, TX
2012 - present

Assistant Art Director
Blaze Advertising Agency, Amarillo, TX
2009 - 2012

Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts
Impromptu College of Arts, Amarillo, TX

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