Entry Level Police Officer Resume

Entry level police officers assist in the investigation of major and minor crimes. Their role is to provide all possible support required for expediting the probe. They may work on petty crimes such as stealing a commodity from a store, pick-pocketing, rash driving, or motor vehicle accidents. They will be in constant touch with the department and update their findings through a walkie-talkie. These law keepers may also look into matters related to domestic issues or other petty complaints from citizens. When the need arises, these police officers may serve as a witness in the court.

Further, entry-level police officers complete all the required documentation necessary for arresting and producing culprits in the court. They will assist with the drafting and filing of the reports as well. This job post necessary a good knowledge of law, excellent physical and mental conditions, and abilities to confront defaulters with bare hands as well as weapons.

Sample Entry Level Police Officer Resume

David B. Lindsey
592 Tipple Road
Philadelphia, PA 19118
Phone: 215-753-7947
Email: dblindsey@freemail.com
Career Objective:

Looking for an entry-level police office position with “City Police,” to assist in maintaining law and order in the city by executing my duty with complete honesty.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Trainee Police Office
City County, Philadelphia, PA
March 2016 - Present

Trainee Police Officer
City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
August 2015 - February 2016



On request.

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