Internship Resume Objective

Many college students and fresh graduates don't take an internship resume seriously. Perhaps, they think that being a compensation-free job, the recruiters won't pay much attention to what they have written. What they fail to understand is that though the internship is bereft of payment, the work experience and on-the-job training that they get is a lot more important than the perks. They also overlook the fact the employers may turn the unpaid employment to a paid one if the candidate has shown high caliber. Therefore, the internship resume must be given due attention and importance. When preparing it, you have to focus on grabbing readers' attention. One thing that can help you a lot in this regard is an internship resume objective. Your grabbing the internship will depend much on how you have written the objective statement.

Remember, employers know that interns don't have any experience. They just want a candidate who is initiative and capable of planning and organizing things, thinking out of the box, problem-solving, researching, communication, and adaptability. If you're not able to highlight these key competencies in the internship resume objective, the chance of getting a firsthand experience will be less.

How to Write an Internship Resume Objective

Since the internship is the first step towards that can pave a foundation for your career, writing a resume can be tough. However, with the help of tips from professionals, your resume can definitely be impressive even if it's meant for applying for an internship. The secret to making your internship objective stand out is to understand what the employers want in an intern. Try to find out what qualities, skills, knowledge, and education they expect from candidates. One easy way to grab this vital information is to read the job description thoroughly. Make a note of things mentioned in the job description and try to use them in your internship objective. Highlight all the asked skills and competencies in the objective statement.

Internship Resume Objective Samples

  1. Highly organized, detail-oriented, adaptable, and problem solver with excellent theoretical and practical knowledge of developing and deploying marketing strategies to improve retail and industrial product sales. I would like to use my marketing knowledge and skills as an intern with ABC Group and contribute to enhancing sales for the company.

  2. Critical thinker, problem-solver, and self-motivated individual with strong analytical and financial skills is looking for a summer internship program with the ITD Corporation to provide support to the finance department of the company.

  3. Strong eyes for details, creative thinking, and impressive writing and editing skills. Looking forward to joining as an intern editor at ABC Company, where I can contribute my skills in improving the brand image of the company in domestic and international markets.

  4. Excellent mathematical, analytical, and computer programming skills, seeking an internship program as a software developer at XYZ Company, where my skills in coding for new software applications and revamping existing ones can help the company serve its clients better by delivering quality software products.

  5. Energetic, passionate, and creative graphic designer with a knack for creating eye-catching graphics for marketing company products and its image. Seeking an internship position with Tom & Mathews Design Studio to use my graphic designing skills for helping clients in making an impact in the market.

  6. A business management graduate with strong knowledge of developing strategies for business ventures, is looking for an internship position with YCK Corporation to use my business acumen, marketing, and financial skills for the company's growth.

  7. To work hard and give a 100 percent contribution towards the growth of ABC Company's business by applying in-depth knowledge of finance and commodity market along with practical skills to analyze and capitalize on the purchasing habits of the people.

  8. To obtain an intern position in the accounting department of the Blue Crest Company and use my accounting skills in streamlining daily bookkeeping, billing and invoicing, record keeping, and the process of lending and extending credit to customers.

  9. An exceptionally talented, creative, and hard-working individual with hands-on experience of working on several web designing and development projects, wants to obtain an intern position in Pink Sky Corporation where I can deliver dynamic websites to clients.

  10. Dedicated, organized, and a good planner and organizer, is looking for an intern position with Almighty Corporation, where my event management skills can help the company in organizing high scale events for corporate clients and private individuals.

Remember, employers are only interested in knowing what you can do for them. So when writing your internship resume objective, don't think about what you will gain and try to demonstrate your strength in a way that can impress the recruiters.

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