Safety Officer Resume

Any manufacturing unit, be it from any industry, is always at risk of accidents at the workplace. To ensure workers' safety and no breaks to the production and operations unit, companies hire safety officers. These officers monitor and ensure that the workplace is safe for the workers, there is less or no possibilities of accidents, and the workers are complying with the standard safety rules and policies. It is their duty to check and enforce safety regulations dictated by the government. Their regular duties include inspecting the production site, giving training and providing safety gears to workers, and conducting regular safety audits. They also need to check that there is no risks to the health of the workers at the site so that productivity don’t take a back seat because of medical leaves.

Safety Officer Resume Template

James S. Ramirez
3581 Spadafore Drive
Weedville, PA 16627
Phone: 814-787-6827

Career Objective:

To obtain a safety officer position with “Global Advantage, Inc.” and ensure workplace activities are in compliance with the federal regulations and standards.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Safety Officer
Silver Construction Company, Weedville, PA
October 2015 - Present

Junior Safety Officer
Skyline Construction Company, Weedville, PA
February 2012 - September 2015

Education: Reference:

On request.

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