Retail Resume Objective

Retail industry is one such sectors that no matter how bad the economy is, there will be no recession in this field. This is because the retail sector deals with products that people need on a daily basis. Everything that one needs to consume, wear, and use are sold at retail stores. The best thing about retail industry is that it caters to the daily needs of people as well as offers employment to lots of people. There are many roles that you can grab according to your education, skills, and experience. You can work as a sales associate, account manager, operational manager, security in-charge, customer service representative, or as a maintenance person. Large retail stores may also have separate department for administration, human resources, and purchase.

Given the wide chances of jobs in the retail industry, it helps in possessing resume writing skills. It is the only way through which you can claim your candidature for the job position and sell your skills. While every single section on the resume is important, what grabs the attention of the hiring managers is the resume objective. By reading it, the hiring authorities can decide whether you are worthy of the applied job or not. Since retail jobs is all about selling products and adding to the revenue of the store through excellent customer service, the retail resume objective must present you as an experienced and qualified person for the applied job. The objective statement must specify what job position you are applying for and the relevant education, skills, and experience you possess.

When writing the retail resume objective statement, you need to list down the qualities employers look in candidates. You need to actually present the gist of the job. Let's say you are applying for a retail sales associate job. In that case, your resume objective should read this way: “While sales in retail business is important for the business of the store, I would like to add my sales skills and customer service experience in ensuring daily sales goals are met and customers are satisfied with quality of service provided by me. If I can get an opportunity to work as a retail sales associate for your reputed store, I will ensure that the sales figures cross all the set benchmark.

Remember, each job in the retail sector has a specific purpose. Hence, the resume objective will differ. Actually, it need to be tailored for the job. Now suppose you are looking for a retail cashier job. For which, you must draft the objective statement in this manner: “A highly experienced cashier possessing excellent mathematical and customer service skills wants to execute responsibilities of a head cashier for your esteemed store and improve customer confidence by providing fast, courteous, and accurate checkout.” In short, the objective need to present that you are familiar with the core concept of a cashier job. Also, while writing it, try to present yourself in three to four sentences, including the name of the job applied for. In short, the focus should be on the benefits of the employers.

The best way to write retail resume objective is to read the job description advertised by the employer completely. Once you are confident that you fit the requirement perfectly, it will become easier for you to write. Know that it is not easy to impress the hiring manager. He or she is someone who has read hundreds of resume before picking up yours. So don't use flowery words or exaggerate yourself. The objective statement must sound honest and confident and not cocky. Just target it matching with the job opening.

If you are into sales and marketing field, then you can also use sales figure in the resume objective. Don't shy away from quantifying your success. However, it should be genuine and not fake. Try to be specific and present yourself as a strong candidate for the job. This will spike the probability of being called for an interview. Follow these tips in writing your retail resume objective.

Use of keywords:

Read through the job description and pick up relevant keywords, required skills and experience. Use it in the objective statement for standing out.

Use of action words:

Demonstrate your experience and achievements using action words. Action words are strong verbs such as processed, led, managed, coordinated, handled, and increased.

Add relevant skills:

Retail jobs are categorized based on skills. As such, you cannot write about sales when applying for a cashier job and vice versa. You can use numbers and figures though.

So next time when you sit from drafting your retail resume objective, we hope, you will not face any problem and can nail the interview quite easily.

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